Peniche Hostel

Peniche Beach Studios

The studios are built inside what used to be a boat factory. Back in the day, the boats would leave these factories directly into the sea, due to its very close proximity to the beach (about 10 meters).

Our studios have convenient services all around, from supermarkets, to surfshops, restaurants and bars.

If you enjoy beach walks, you can follow the coastline just outside of the studios into Baleal Island, 4 km away or in a 3 minute car ride surf the Supertubes in our South Bay. Peniche’s old part of town is just 10 minutes walking distance and the Berlenga islands are a boat trip away from the marina.

The Studios are perfect for those who enjoy privacy, beach and convenient close-by services. Prices start at 50€ in the low season and go up to 80€ in the high season.